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International Master on Advanced methods in Particle Physics

Prof. Stephane Monteil

  • University:
    University of Clermont Auvergne
  • Department :
    Department of Physics
  • Teaching topic :
    Electroweak Standard Model (SM)
Research activity description and interest :

My main research activity consists in studying experimental and phenomenological aspects of the breaking of the CP symmetry (Charge-Parity operation that transforms a particle into an anti-particle), in order to challenge the Kobayashi-Maskawa paradigm of the Standard Model (SM). Two areas are explored experimentally: the measurement of the CP-violating weak mixing phase in quark transitions dominated by gluonic penguins in the SM and the search for the yet unobserved to date CP-violation in baryon decays. I am member of the LHCb collaboration (LHC, CERN) and CKMfitter group. I am as well participating to the future circular collider (FCC-ee) feasibility study. That project promotes a long term vision for particle physics, that will take place after the completion of the high-luminosity LHC machine.