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International Master on Advanced methods in Particle Physics

Admission Requirement

Admission Requirement img

Students’ admission and enrolment will comply with the following requirements:

  • a first cycle degree qualification according to the European Qualifications Framework or an equivalent degree qualification in the field of Physics. This requires an examination of equivalence by the Admission Board;
  • the qualifying degree has to be passed with an average grade higher or equal to B (or a final grading higher or equal to B) according to the ECTS grading system, corresponding to a grade of up to 2.8 in the German, 84/110 in the Italian, and 14 in the French grading scales;
  • valid English language certificate (at least level B2) or an equivalent proof (e.g. native speaker). In case of a missing certificate, an interview will be arranged to assess the English level.

Selected students must comply with the visa and/or residence permit requirements according to the country’s national laws where they run their activities.

These requirements are also detailled in the admission regulations.