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International Master on Advanced methods in Particle Physics


Several committees deal with the admission and enrolment of the students

Examination Board

The joint examination board is responsible for the organization and execution of the examinations and all related tasks. It also interprets, applies and further develops the examination regulations together with the degree program board. It is also responsible for the admission of students.

Prof. Angelo Carbone
Prof. Kevin Kröninger (chair)
Prof. Stephane Monteil
Staff: Janina Nicolini (Chris Delitzsch, Jens Weingarten)
Students: Luca Balzani

Degree Programme Board

The degree program board is responsible for the organization and implementation of the teaching activities as well as the development of the academic program. All concrete teaching matters are discussed in this context, e.g. pedagogical approaches, academic performance of the students, prerequisites and connection among courses, equipment of the lecture rooms, etc. The board works in close collaboration with the quality assurance board and the examination board.

All teachers

Quality Assurance Board

The quality assurance board is responsible for the assessment of the quality of the teaching activities and the academic performance of the students using, e.g. annual surveys for each module. The board also identifies and discusses problems in close collaboration with the degree program board.

Prof. Max Sioli
Prof. Dominik Mitzel
Prof. Jean Orloff
Prof. Julien Donini
Marco Colonna

Scholarship Selection Board

The scholarship selection board is responsible for the selection of students that are offered Erasmus Mundus scholarships based on well-defined criteria. It also reviews the quality of the applications and the ranking criteria. The board collaborates closely with the examination board on testing the eligibility criteria for admission to the program.

Prof. Angelo Carbone
Prof. Stephane Monteil
Prof. Kevin Kröninger

Advisory Board

The advisory board helps the consortium to improve the quality of the program in terms of organization, teaching and dissemination. It also supports the boards in the development of the program and gives feedback on the overall status and progress.

Karl Jakobs
Francesca Gulmenilli
Gianluca Cavoto