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International Master on Advanced methods in Particle Physics

Prof. Angelo Carbone

Research activity description and interest :

Prof. Angelo Carbone is an associate professor at the University of Bologna. He carries out research activities in particle physics, collaborating with INFN (Italian National Institution for Nuclear Research) and CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneve. For several years, he has been a member of the LHCb, one of the four experiments taking data at the LHC (the Large Hadron Collider), the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, installed at CERN. The main goal of his research activities is to perform precise measurements of CP violation with charm mesons, testing its consistency and searching for discrepancies with the Standard Model indicating the existence of new particles not yet observed. In addition, Prof. Carbone is also involved in luminosity measurements, being the project leader of the PLUME detector of LHCb. He is the co-author of several publications in peer-reviewed international journals. He held several invited talks at national and international conferences.