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International Master on Advanced methods in Particle Physics

Dr. Chris Delitzsch

  • University:
  • Department :
    Department of Physics
  • Teaching topic :
    Experimental particle physics
Research activity description and interest :

My research focusses on the reconstruction and analysis of events with hadronic final states that are recorded by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC to test the predictions of the Standard Model with high precision. I am specifically interested in the decay of heavy objects, e.g. top quark or vector bosons with high energies which are reconstructed as one large-radius jet to measure SM processes in thus far unexplored regions of phase space. The inner structure of the jets, referred to as jet substructure, is used to infer the jet’s origin and suppress the orders of magnitude larger background. This requires a precise resolution of the energy deposits within the calorimeter which is challenging due to the high collision rate and the overlapping calorimeter signals from different interations. My group is developping machine-learning based techniques to improve the reconstruction of calorimeter signals especially in light of the High-Luminosity LHC.