This pages contains specific information for the students who started with the IMAPP programme in September 2021.

For general information about the programme, please go to the IMAPP page


Details about all courses can be found in the course handbook.

The first semester starts with an orientation week in Clermont-Ferrand. Click here for more details.

Lectures commence the 6th of September until the end of January.

Lectures will be held in presence without any limitation at the beginning.  As soon as the pandemic situation changes evaluation level, mitigation procedures are in place to turn to hybrid or distance lecturing whenever required.
Though it is highly recommended that the students attend the lectures in their presence, a lightweight distance broadcasting/recording of the lessons will be available initially for the students who did not come yet to Clermont. Please inform us at info@imapp.eu if you are in such a situation.

Click here for the Course Timetable. The operational timetable (including lecture rooms) is provided in a Moodle and made available to students as soon a they are registered. It contains as well detector physics and instrumental projects that the IMAPP students are not expected to follow.

Compulsory courses Credits
IMAPP-01-01: Introduction to quantum field theory and gauge theories

IMAPP-01-02: Experimental Particle Physics

  • Module 1: Introduction to Particle Physics (6 ECTS)
  • Module 2: Standard Model (3 ECTS)

Artificial Intelligence for Particle Physics

  • Module 1: IMAPP-01-06:
    • Advanced Statistics and Machine Learning (6 ECTS)
  • Module 2: IMAPP-01-03:
    • Programming and Data Mining (6 ECTS)
The elective courses at UCA are the following
Elective courses Credits
General Relativity 3 ECTS
Observational Cosmology 3 ECTS

The second semester starts with the Spring School in Cargese – Corsica (France).

Lectures commence in April and end in the beginning of July. Click here for the Course Timetable.

Compulsory courses Credits
IMAPP-02-01: Model building in particle physics
IMAPP-02-02: Practical aspects of particle physics measurements
IMAPP-02-03: Detector systems in particle and medical physics 9 ECTS
IMAPP-02-04: Spring/summer school 3 ECTS
The elective courses at TUDO are the following

Elective courses Credits
IMAPP-02-05: Electronics lab course 6 ECTS

IMAPP-02-06: Modern particle physics

  • Module 1: Seminar on false discoveries
  • Module 2: Seminar on Machine Learning

IMAPP-02-07: Astroparticle physics 3 ECTS
IMAPP-02-08: Guest lecture on instrumentation 3 or 6 ECTS
IMAPP-02-05: TUDO seminar on particle physics 3 ECTS

Lectures in Bologna commence at mid-September and end in at the end of December.

Compulsory coursesCredits
IMAPP-03-01: Advanced Standard Model6 ECTS
IMAPP-03-02: Flavour Physics in theory and experiement
IMAPP-03-03: Computer Science for High Energy Physics12 ECTS
IMAPP-03-04: Orientation for scientific research6 ECTS

The fourth semester is dedicated to the internship in preparation for the thesis and the final examination

Compulsory coursesCredits
IMAPP-04-01: Final Examination12 ECTS
IMAPP-04-02 / 03 / 04/ 05: Preparation for the final examination18 ECTS