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This is a collection of answer to questions received by students 
The tuition fees per semester was less than 1000 euros. Will there be any other fees that need to be paid along with it for non EU students?
No, these are the only fees that will need to be paid to the university.
Will the visa and flight charges every semester be covered by the University or will I have to bear the amount?
No, there is no financial support from the universities.
Will the University help with finding accommodation in all the three countries ?
Yes, we do offer a service helping students to find accommodation. Further information are available at the following link.
Will I receive help from the University for the visa process?
Yes, please take a look at the webpage of TU Dortmund University
What is the start date of the course?
The courses start on September 4th (2021).
It would be really helpful if I could get a breakdown of the expenses covered by the University and the expenses I will have to bear.
The fees cover the use of the university facilities. As I mentioned earlier, there is no financial support for living expenses, health insurance or similar personal needs.
Is there a scholarship to which I could apply? 
We currently do not have any funding possibilities for the Master program. However, there are opportunities to get funding from other sources, e.g. the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD):


When would the first semester begin?
The first semester starts early September in Clermont.
Is there another requirement for non-European students?
The admission requirements are the same for all students (Bachelor degree with a good grade, command of the English language). International students have to check their visa requirements, etc. You will find all the information on our webpage or the enrolment portal.
Should I send the documentation by post? 
This year, international students need to send their documents via post to Dortmund. We are currently switching to an online system. The E-mail also works, but should only be used if the deadline is closed.
I’m a non-EU citizen and I obtained my Bachelor’s in EU, should I apply via uni-assist?
Non-EU students who obtained their Bachelor’s in the EU do not have to apply via uni-assist. They apply like EU citizens.

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